Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Night mode with Saigon flower market

It is often said Saigon Vietnam no day and night, life is not working 24 hour break. This is true when one day hike to explore the night flower market in Saigon Vietnam.

Night blooming flower market

They are the flower wholesale market's largest Saigon: Ho Thi Ky, Dam Sen, Hau Giang. No matter what time of year, cool weather in spring, summer heat loss conducted, the rain fall, or the cold southern winter ... Saigon the night flower market is always crowded, busy buyers and sellers an area. As night falls it's time tens of dozens of trucks carrying tons of fresh flowers from all over flock. This last is the flower market time the most vigorous activities. These people live with flowers in the night market has no concept of sleeping late, work quietly at night to the city wake up most fresh flowers.

Business for only a very special item to the seller and gentle as the flowers. Not rare scenes of burly men are cared for the flower shape. Does not exist Deleting scenes, four cups, or quarrel contract period. Flower Market entrance to the cultural life of the market. Shines flashes to life hundreds of lights illuminate each flower as provocative call. Each flower has its own meaning, lost in this world it's easy flowers dazzled by the shimmering, magical. Whether visitors look to buy a few flowers, even the tourists miles to explore the mysteries of the interesting market, traders buy or sell in the market brought about ... the blooming flowers make life more tumultuous and romantic to live in an industrial city floodgates.

Midnight cars street vendors: crab soup, dumplings, Tíu fashioned type, who fried fish, fried corn, coffee smells like scented broken-up call. Curiously late as the air becomes more crowded. After about 12 hours, door began to open up, move flowers from the bins to be available before loading the team stands. Each flower boxes are opened, the hot blush bright colors in the night dispelled the sleepy human. By this time, bustling night life of the flower market is clearly new.

Bustling Ho Thi Ky

Expected to be the largest flower market hub of Saigon, Ho Thi Ky flower market are fit entirely in the apartment Ho Thi Ky (Q.10). Few doubt that the tiny roads leading into crowded residential areas to own a world of thousands of colorful flowers in the night. Each stand close together, running around forming attractive range of colors. 24/24 Market activity showed a vitality in this flower market. Appeared in 1987, Ho Thi Ky flower market has become the center of the large focal flower. The memories of these people tell, all the way Ho Thi Ky flower is filled with flowers. It is the pride of the people in general and Saigon Ho Thi Ky people in particular. At night, each line of trucks flowers from Da Lat, in tandem as the West did not have so-called night in this neighborhood. Today, markets are not crowded as in previous by the introduction of other flowers such as Dam Sen, Hau Giang ... Ho Thi Ky flower market but still address the merchants and people frequented.

Standing from the apartment blocks surrounded overlooking the flower market just saw the full color colorful flower charm. These students or the wholesale to retail to friends and business on the occasion of 14 / 2, 8 / 3, 20/11 ... Flower market to reach 10, 11 pm pretty empty because the shop owners are probably asleep while waiting for customers in a hurry. Approximately 11 hours 30 trucks from Da Lat flower, each flower on top of transit markets, such as crowded festival. Average weekday night, about eight flower truck. The peak days are holidays are a dozen, two dozen. When the air jubilantly hours of loading, call names of flower boxes, shop owners ringing in the night.

Dam Sen sexy

Market is located on Nguyen Van Phu (District 11) is a large dome covering the whole market. Each small division is the same stall, the only other items flowers, easily bored by the monotony is not known if the stall decorations. There are two rows of stalls and aisles in the middle. Dam Sen Flower Market every commodity diversification flowers: roses, daisies, orchids ... including special flower of the Netherlands are flower tu-lip, both rare flowers such as natural bird hard, sand walls, narcissus ... flowers northern, southwestern and flowers from foreign countries of France, Japan, China ...

These events are fresh flowers neatly arranged, and then distributed throughout the coastal cities and regions from the merchant.

Starting around midnight, trucks carrying flowers from Hanoi, Da Lat and the western provinces turn down the row at Dam Sen flower market. The smaller truck is always in ready to retail flower delivery everywhere else. Dam Sen flower market every day to provide the where about 40 tons of fresh flowers. On occasion, Tet flower market yields are Dam Sen can offer hundreds of tons.

 Flowers always fresh, always low prices. Fair held from 12 pm, to 7 am on the flower stall has power to go out. So Dam Sen flower market flower market is called night.

Hau Giang coil

Located under the bridge Hau Giang (D.6), Hau Giang bustling flower market is no less the other flower market, offering full flower varieties. Also the wholesale markets should very soon about 1, 2 hours is already crowded market. Price agreed the market is mostly no cost. It kind of chrysanthemums and roses are sold at most.

Hau Giang Area modest market for more than two markets and Dam Sen Ho Thi Ky. Markets but busiest on 24/24 range 1 pm to 3 am. Sources flowers from Da Lat, Dong Thap, Tien Giang and the adjacent areas are included in Saigon here and wholesalers to move out.

U.S. retail flower market in Hau Giang always cared each petal. Customers can hardly refuse a neat bunch of flowers, flaunted his strong Giang. Prices are very reasonable also a reason that people often look to this market. Man this place is really nice. Markets are always busy but not floodgates.

Hau Giang Vietnam flower market and Dam Sen was born to address the needs of the people. There are also a number of owners before selling to them in America, wants to expand the trade markets. People will be more convenient for travel, choice. And it's also a cultural diversity characteristic of the flower market in Saigon.

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